Pat Testing

pat-testing-leekPortable Appliance Testing

It is absolutely essential that work places abide by the United Kingdom’s very strict Health & Safety legislation’s.

These laws have been specifically put in place in order to maintain a safe, working environment for each and every employee in the workplace.

Furthermore, if the necessary legislation’s are avoided by a particular institution, and something was the go wrong, then the company can face severe, detrimental penalties as a direct result.

We are there to make sure that all employers are aware of the steps that they must make in order to abide by the rules. One way to make sure all equipment in the workplace is safe for use by all, is by taking part in yearly Portable Appliance Testing.

At Elms Electrical Contractors Ltd  we will ensure that all appliances are thoroughly tried and tested for any glitches or damages. What’s more, at our great prices, need not be a strain on the wallet. Once the Portable Appliance Testing has been undertaken, a sticker will be placed on all confirmed appliances and a full certificate will be issued.