Fire & Burglar Alarms

leek-burglar-alarmsA burglary is a crime that not only strips you of your possessions but also invades your personal privacy.

The emotional distress of this crime cannot be measured.

So why not reduce the risk to this crime happening to you and your home, by contacting us to supply you with a free quotation for our professional burglar- Intruder alarm.

Elms Electrical Contractors Ltd are a Leek based company offering competitive prices on Intruder/Burglar alarms.

Bells-only alarm

Keypads Bells-only alarm, otherwise known as audible-only alarm, is a burglar alarm which makes only audible noise from the external and or internal sounders when the alarm is triggered.

The “bells-only” alarm may deter intruders and alert the neighbour when the alarm activates but on its own will not generate police response.

Speech Dialler

Burglar alarm may be connected to a speech dialler which enables the alarm system to send messages to a combination of telephone numbers (including mobile phones) in the event of alarm activation. The speech dialler may be stand alone equipment which is attached to the burglar alarm or may be in built in the alarm control panel.

Speech diallers may allow for external communication by the alarm system; however they do not make the burglar alarm qualify for police response.

Wireless Burglar/Intruder Alarm System

Elms Electrical Contractors Ltd are installers for hard wired and wireless Burglar/ Intruder alarms, so why not allow us to quote for you a wireless system today.

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