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Electricians are the all-rounded servicemen who are well-equipped with the repair, upgrade, and maintenance service skills of electrical equipment.

We handle a wide range of task from; domestic, commercial to the heavy duty industrial services in various fields and stations.

Here is a breakdown of some of the services offered by Elms electrical experts.

1. Residential Electrical services

When it comes to serving your home, Elms electricians have a lot to offer.

From simple installations & upgrade to the complex electrical fixtures; all you need is a qualified electric technician at your service.

The ever evolving technology comes with a lot of goodies in the electrical and electronics world.

Some of these newly designed gadgets are designed to ease your work at home while keeping you comfortable.

Without the right installation of these gadgets, you can end up having a negative experience.

Other services such as system upgrade, renovations and improvements are well dealt with by our electrical technicians.

Most of our electrical equipment at home become obsolete with time, hence the need for an upgrade.

These technicians can fix an array of such equipment; ceiling fans, water heaters, lighting & circuit breakers and even electric vehicle charging stations.

An electrical upgrade can sometimes be costly; however, they are worth the investment.

Most of the gadgets in the market right now have been designed to use the least energy making them cost effective in the long run.

They also have improvised value, safer and more secured with the power to transform the contemporary setting of your home.

An electrical routine checkup in your home is another service any qualified electrical technician can comfortably offer.

This is meant to keep you safe while running the electrical equipment in your home.

These services include: troubleshooting the faulty electrical appliances, repairs, identifying faulty and hidden wiring issues, identifying fire and electrocution risks among other safety inspections routine.

Other services such as specialty home & outdoor lighting make your environment attractive.

Most of these installations are environment-friendly, affordable, convenient and energy efficient.

Leek electrical offers customisable solutions to your home’s electrical installation and design needs.

2. Commercial Electrical Services

For any business set up, commercial electrical services Leek are necessary.

These services need a wider range of expertise than the typical home electrical repairs.

Any electrical fault in your firm can be quite costly since it affects a wider area and even the potential profits.

Commercial electrical technician services range from the basic maintenance and repairs of lighting circuits to the complex electrical installations.

Some installation such as electric cooker points and electric shower units needs expertise for optimum and safe functioning.

Shower cabling upgrade, data cable installation, alarm system installation plus maintenance are the other services you can’t do without.

Fuse boards and circuit breakers prevent your components from burning out in the case of a circuit overload.

Such circuits need to checked regularly and replaced or upgraded where possible.

Testing of electrical equipment is the other job of a commercial technician who makes sure they are running well and are safe to be operated.

They also handle installation, operation, and periodic test reports.

Other business setups need to install some video/ telephone equipment and air conditioning systems.
Design jobs done by these service persons include; designing- the wiring system of your business, alarm & CCTV camera installation, indoor and outdoor lighting.

Smoke detectors & sprinkle systems are also vital in large business setups since they help avoid damages in case of a fire breakout.

3. Industrial Electrician Services

Unlike the home and commercial electrical services, industrial electrician services are more demanding and involve a lot of control, automation, and operation of heavy duty motors and machinery.

Maintenance and servicing of such machines need first-hand expertise for maximum efficiency.

Whether it’s designing a solution, troubleshooting an industrial machine, performing some routine maintenance or doing some repairs; a qualified and registered industrial electrician is highly recommended.

Industrial electrician services include:

• Emergency services, fault finding & repairs, installation and project management

• Control and automation of heavy machinery and components

• Preventive and maintenance schedule of machines

• Indoor and outdoor lighting services: lighting designs of Emergency, Exit, General and Specialized lighting.

• Power factor correction, energy efficiency, surge and lightning protection

• Switchboard labeling, thermal graphic scanning, circuit tracing and identification

• RCD & safety switches testing and tagging

• Audio and Visual data communication

Industrial electrical services are undoubtedly the most challenging and complex electrician task one can come across.

Having a standby technician at your service is one way of making sure your company or industrial firm is running smoothly with no risks of electric faults.

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